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What is 360 product view photography?

3D product pictures represent a much better marketing and sales tool that will add a new dimension to your product catalog. According to marketing specialists 360 degree view for products are considered "one of the most effective method to promote products in online stores". They allow visitors and potential customers to rotate products, examine them in detail and make informed decisions.

Why do you need 360 degree product view?

You need 360 product rotation views to increase your sales. One of our customers, OCZ Technology Inc., conducted a survey and the results proved that customer experience was improved by 40% when 360 product images are present in an e-commerce shop, the likeliehood to purchase increased by 45% and there was a 50% reduction in returned goods because of their better feature communication. The flash 3D product viewer will function as an informing and a showcase tool for your products with great branding potential and a coolness upgrade for your entire site. It will put you in front of the competition, in another dimension, actually! Not decided if you need to implement them on your website? Just contact us and we will do our best to present all the advantages and information necessary.

Do you want to see samples of 360 product shots?

Take a look in our catalog section where you can see many samples of 360 product shots. Browse for similar products to yours to see how they could look like. Even if not present in our portfolio 3D product photography can be used for most of the products sold online like clothes, jewellery, gifts, consumer electronics, computer hardware, toys, housewares, sports equipment, health and beauty products, etc. Do you have a special product not present? You can always contact us and we will quickly reply with an answer.

How much does 3D product photography costs?

Depending on instant volume and processing needs our prices start at only $30 per product. Considering that still photography has similar prices you can realize that it would be a fantastic addition to your store. It's a one time investment that will make sales over the years to come and will help your branding efforts. For an accurate estimation please contact us or fill the free quote form.

How do you get 3D rotating images for your products?

It's an easy 4 step process. Fill the free quote form or contact us for more information. Ship the products to our office and make a small down payment. We will take pictures, process them and embed them in the 3d product viewer. When we finish the job we'll send the products back and request the final payment.

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The 3drevs will give your products an edge when being presented on your vendor's sites. Give your visitors and distributors a unique tool to market your products.
The 3drevs will help you accomplish several things: maximize your products sales, inform the visitors about the products, make interesting products more interesting and boring products interesting and, most of all, get an advantage over your competition.
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